ECHLO / Chloe Charles



Chloe Charles is an artists with many facets. Though her music steals elements from experimental, it still manages to tap the collective nerve of listeners of all genres. Her songs are rife with feelings you can taste.

Hailing from a family of visual artists, closet singer songwriters, poets and authors, an overnight decision to jump from an honours university degree in psychology to braving it as a musician and furiously teaching herself guitar, led her on a rollercoaster of a journey.

Since, she’s played the North Sea Jazz Festival, WOMAD, British Commonwealth Games, Montreal Jazz Festival; opened for Rodriguez at London’s Apollo Theatre and Birmingham Symphony Hall, and for Anna Calvi at Paradiso in Amsterdam; and graced the stage on France’s most respected music television program, Taratata. She’s also won the 2016 Canada Canada Council for the Arts’ Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton for “outstanding artistic achievement”, Canada’s 2014 Sirius XM Indie Award for Soul/R&B, the 2014 John Lennon Song Writing Contest and Lennon Award, and the 2012 Harbourfront Soundclash Award for “cutting-edge, forward-thinking artists” and been lauded by the widest possible range of media including Noisey Billboard CBC q Rolling Stone Now Magazine and The Times (UK) for her musical adventurousness. .

Though that wasn’t enough, Chloe decided to make a detour to stay truer to her changing self and thus, Chloe reinvented herself.

ECHLO is the echo of Chloe Charles' past, looking to start over, only keeping the echoes of the lessons learned and leaving the pain and mistakes behind. The uncompromising tenacity of her work is informed by her Trini-Canadian background, being a black female in Toronto's music scene which is essentially a boy's club, fighting to be heard.

Naked and daring, ECHLO places a new focus on intent, imbuing subversive social critique into her compelling modern pop gleaning from R&B and electronic explorations. On the transition, Charles divulges, "Much like an echo the delay after the direct sound, this is the embodiment of who I am and it took a long time to get there." The haunt that remains of her echo is the most genuine form of expression, darker and truer.

In trying to find that truth, Chloe decided to press the reset button and write like she did when she first started, not knowing what she was doing. In her bedroom in Toronto, Chloe taught herself programming, and production, and experimented with keys and synths, effects and vocal processors. When she was done, Chloe brought in her trusted comrade Neil Whitford to co-produce ECHOLOCATION which resulted in a record with some great reviews, a CBC Radio #1 charting single, “Head High”, inquiries for her to be part of a CBC documentary, international remixes, and more.

While writing ECHOLOCATION, Chloe simultaneously began her compilation of short stories entitled “Bandaid Boys: The Evolution of a Woman Through Her Relationships With Men” (password: bandaidboys) that often provides deeper understanding into her lyrics.

And lastly, her visual arts career has begun to blossom as Chloe tries to intertwine all facets of her artistic forms of expression.

"An echo leaves behind the voices in the background, your inner critic, judgements and only carries the loudest parts of you." - ECHLO - ECHLO



Discography/ German Label History

Chloe Charles GSA, FR, UK Touring History


04.08 DEU - Horns Erben Leipzig
04/07 DEU - Ofen Bar Berlin
04/02 DEU - Lichtung, Cologne
04/01 DEU - Hafen 2, Offenbach
03/29 DEU - Sendesaal Bremen, Bremen
03/28 DEU - Auster Club – w/ Emmy The Great, Berlin
03/26 DEU - Klub Haekken – w/ Emmy The Grea, Hamburg
03/24 DEU - Die Wohngemeinschaft – w/ Emmy The Great, Cologne
06/30 DEU - Canadian Embassy, Canada Day Celebration Hamburg
06/29 DEU - Zakk Dusseldorf
06/29 DEU - Duc Du Lombard Paris
06/25 DEU - Horns Erben Leipzig
06/24 DEU - Guidohof Uhlsdorf
02/16 DEU - Die Wohngemeinschaft, Koln
02/15 DEU - Gruner Salon Berlin
02/14 DEU - Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg
02/12 DEU - Sendesaal Bremen


09/16 DEU - Munich - Kranhalle
09/18 CHE - Bern - Musigbistrot
09/19 CHE - Zurich - El Lokal
09/20 DEU - Frankfurt - Mousonturm
09/22 DEU - Dresden - Altes Wettburo
09/24 DEU - Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival, Mojo Club
09/25 DEU - Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival, Kukuun
09/28 DEU - Berlin - Privatclub
09/29 DEU - Cologne - Studio 672
09/30 NLD - Amsterdam - Paradiso


11/10 DEU - Bonn - Harmonie
11/12 DEU - Hamburg - Nochtspeicher
11/16  GBR - London Jazz Festival - Royal Albert Hall - Elgar Room
10/21 CHE - Zürich - El Lokal
10/22 CHE - Bern - Cafe Kairo
10/23 CHE - Le Locle - Luxs
10/24 CHE - Olten - Caveau du Sommelier
10/25 CHE - Nyon - La Parenthese
10/28 DEU - Tübingen - Sudhaus
10/29 DEU - Erlangen - E-Werk
10/30 DEU - Leipzig - Werk2
15.08.2014 LIMOGES FR Musiques au Musee Festival
21.08.2014 JABLOEC NAD NISOU CZ - Eurocentrum Festival
24.08.2014 VEUIL FR - Chateau de Veuil
05.07.2014 ANTWERPEN BE - Muziek in de Wijk Festival
06.07.2014 GLYNDE PLACE UK Love Supreme Festival
10.07.2014 FOURGERES Festival Voix des Pays
12.07.2014 ROTTERDAM North Sea Jazz Festival
19.07.2014 SALISBURY UK Larmer Tree Festival - Arc Stage
25.07.2014 GLASGOW UK - British Commonwealth Games Festival
26.07.2014 WILTSHIRE UK - Womad
07.05.2014 Bad Homburg  DE - Women of the World Festival
29.06.2014 MONTBARD FR Montbard Jazz n'Blues
28.06.2014 STUTTGART DE - Cafe Galao
04.04.2014 LEIPZIG, DE - Werk II
16.04.2014 BERN CH Cafe Kairo
17.04.2014 ENGELBERG, CH - Hotel Bellevue-Terminus 
18.04.2014 FRIBOURG CH Bar La Cintra
20.04.2014 ROTTERDAM NL Bird
27.04.2014 RORSCHACH CH Schloss Warteg
03.03. 2014 LONDON Union Chapel(in support of Naturally 7)
09.03.2014 BOURNEMOUTH UK International Centre(In support of Rodriguez
11.03.2014 BIRMINGHAM UK Symphony Hall (In support of Rodriguez) 
13.03.2014 LONDON UK Apollo (Hammersmith) (In support of Rodriguez
14.03.2014 SOUTHAMPTON Turner Sims (in support of Naturally 7)
15.03.2014 READING Concert Hall (in support of Naturally 7)
16.03.2014 SHEFFIELD City Hall, 7:30PM (in support of Naturally 7)
17.03.2014 GATESHEAD Sage Gateshead (in support of Naturally 7)
18.03.2014 LEEDS Grand Theatre (in support of Naturally 7)
23.03.2014 AMSTERDAM Paradiso (in support of Anna Calvi)
24.03.2014 PARIS Casino Nouveau
27.03.2014 PARIS Canadian Culture Centre/Canadian Embassy
28.02.2014 MANCHESTER RNCM Theatre and Concert Hall (in support of Naturally 7)
25.01.2014 PARIS, FR, Sunside Sunset, 8PM, Album Release
27.01.2014 Paris FR - Le Ring (TV)


04. Dec PARIS FR, Sunset Sunside Jazz Club
14. Dec LEIPZIG DE, Horns Erben 
15. Nov DEN HAAG, NL, Crossing Border Festival
17. Nov AMSTERDAM, NL, People's Place
22. Nov LONDON, UK, London Jazz FestivalCrazy Coqs, 20:00
23. Nov LONDON, UK, London Jazz FestivalCrazy Coqs, 20:00
26. Nov BERLIN, DE, Old School Record Store, 15:00
28. Nov HANNOVER, DE, Feinkostlampe, 21:30
29. Nov BREMEN, DE Sendesaal Bremen, 20:00
30. Nov COLOGNE, DE, Die Wohngemeinshaft
04. Oct BERLIN, DE, Roter Salon
12. Oct EINDHOVEN NL, So What's Next Festival
18. Oct BASEL CH, Cafe Salon
19. Oct WINTERTHUR CH, Park Hotel
26. Oct, BERLIN, DE, Old School Record Store, Record Store Week, 3pm
25. April FRANKFURT (DE), Brotfabrik
01. May DUISBURG (DE), Steinbruch
02. May COLOGNE (DE) Wohngemeinschaft
03. May LEIPZIG (DE), Horns Erben
04. May HALLE (DE) Cafe Brohmers
07. May ZURICH (CH) Kaufleuten
09. May LUDWIGSBERG (DE) Sandwelt Festival
10. May SOLOTHURN (CH) Hafebar 
26. April BREMEN (DE), Schlachthof, Jazzahead Festival (Official Showcase)
27. April BREMEN (DE), Kito Club,Jazzahead Festival
28. April HANNOVER (DE), Feinkostlampe
29. April BERLIN (DE), Roter Salon
30. April DRESDEN (DE), Beatpol


Nov 2nd, Horns Erben, Leipzig, DE
Nov 3rd, Exil Club, Chemnitz, DE
Nov 4th, Studio Foce, Lugano, CH
Nov 5th, Bueno Onda, St. Gallen, CH
Nov 6th, Cafe Henrici, Zurich, CH
Nov 7th, Kultur fur dich, Zurich, DE
Oct 12th, Carambolage, Basel, CH
Oct 13th, Harambee Cafe, Gryon, CH
Oct 14th, ONO, Bern, CH
Oct 17th, Hafeneck, Mainz, DE
Oct 18th, Scala Backstage, Ludwigsberg, DE
Oct 19th, Cafe Lightung, Koln, DE
Oct 21st, Hafen 2, Offenbach, DE
Oct 24th, Hasenschaukel, Hamburg, DE
Oct 26th, Prinz Willy, Kiel, DE
Oct 27th, House Concert, Hamburg, DE
Oct 31st, Ae, Berlin, DE
May 1st, Jos Fritz Street Festival, Freiburg, DE
May 4th, Insieme, Winterthur, CH
May 5th Musig Bistro, Bern, CH
May 6th, Cafe Galao, Stuttgart, DE
May 10th, Extra Blues Bar, Bielefeld, DE
May 11th, Hasenschaukel, Hamburg, DE
May 14th, Moments Club, Bremen, DE
May 16th, Feuerwache, Dresden, DE
May 17th, Exil, Chemnitz
May 18th, Cafe Brohmers, Halle
May 19th, Kindl Stueben, Berlin, DE
May 20th, Prinz Willy, Keil, DE
May 21st, Schokoladen, Berlin, DE
May 22nd, Milinski, Berlin, DE
May 23rd, Cafe Galao, Stuttgart, DE
May 24th, La Buena Onda, St. Gallen, CH
May 25th, Kultur fur dich, Zurich, CH
May 26th, Strassenfest, Ludwigsburg Castle
May 26th,  CUPHUB-Design Kultur Bar, Arbon, CH
May 28th, ONO, Bern, CH


Nov 14th, White Trash, Berlin, DE
Nov 12th, Cafe Brohmers, Halle, DE
Nov 11th, Sofa Salon, Berlin, DE
Nov 9th, Ae, Berlin, DE
Nov 8th, Das Haus, Rostock, DE
Nov 7th, Prinz Willy, Keil, DE
Nov 6th, Mobile Blues Club, Hamburg, DE
Nov 5th, Kulturfabrik, Heidelsheim, DE
Nov 4th, Cafe Lichtung, Cologne, DE
Nov 3rd, Havanna Cafe, Marburg, DE
Nov 2nd, Club Voltaire, Tuebingen, DE
Oct 31st, Fetzer House Concert
Oct 30th, Cat, Ulm, DE
Oct 29th, Cafe Galao, The Sweetness Stuttgart, DE
Oct 28th, Silent Friday, The Sweetness, Stuttgart, DE
Oct 27th, Muig Bistro, Bern, CH
Oct 26th, Cafe Zahringer, Zurich, CH
Oct 25th, Cafe Henrici, Zurich, CH
Oct 24th, Mehlsack, Mundingen, DE
Oct 23rd, Koli, Karlsruhe
Oct 22nd, Courage am Volksbad, Magdeburg, DE
Oct 21st, Der Bock, Mannheim, DE
May 6th, Cafe am Treptower Park, Berlin, DE
May 7th, Joe's Bar, Berlin, DE
Apr 1st, Waldsee, Freiburg, DE
Apr 2nd, Universum, Stuttgart, DE
Apr 3rd, 59:1, Munich, DE
Mar 25th, Silent Friday, Stuttgart, DE
Mar 26th, Sofa Salon, Berlin, DE
Mar 27th, Joe's Bar, Berlin, DE
Mar 30th, Ae, Berlin, DE